SOUL DIRNDL Issue #1 – ePaper (PDF)

This is what awaits you:

  • 130 pages
  • 5 new series with a total of 160 images
  • Making-of & behind the scenes report
  • Best of photo series
  • PDF (Instant-Download)


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SOUL DIRNDL – The Trachtenstrip-Magazine

Looking at it soberly, one could argue that a Trachtenstrip magazine is the next logical step after several websites, various books and more than 15 calendars. But emotionally it is so much more. And nothing less than the first magazine with erotic dirndl photography. The Playboy with Bavarian Custom Dresses!
The packaging is one thing, the content is another. And for the first issue of SOUL DIRNDL, everyone involved worked hard. Five exclusive shootings with the crème de la crème of the Trachtenstrip model squad! Spectacular locations that have never been seen before in any other shoot! Reports, news and exciting insights into the world of erotic dirndl photography!

And all of this will continue to be the case in the future. At least if we have our way. As a reader, you have it in your hand! Contact us! Tell others about us! Do you have a store or a business or another sales channel? Contact us, we will provide you with SOUL DIRNDL issues!
Let's bring the SOUL DIRNDL spirit out into the world together and make it a little more colorful, cheeky and fresher!

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