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A Bollywood-movie is a bit like a visit to the Oktoberfest. Everyone is dressed in colorful costumes, the women are mostly beautiful, the men do dramatic things, there is dancing and singing and somehow there is always a little too much slow motion. 😉
With Krishna we have discovered a model who, at first glance, you might imagine wearing an Indian Sari rather than a Bavarian Dirndl. In fact, the native Indian has been living in Munich for many years and also has her own Dirndl dresses! And performs them for us, in a blooming sea of ​​flowers just outside the Bavarian capital. At sunset. And summer heat. Actually, the only thing missing was Shah Rukh Khan, who dances through the picture singing. But thank God he didn’t, that’s why Krishna danced for us. Sensual, exotic, the sexy dirndl nestled around her slender hips and as she gradually let the dress sink down, at some point there was only coffee-colored skin and bright flowers…

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