Moosjungfer II

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Okay, we admit, the name of this gallery is not very imaginative. After all, we already called our very first gallery with Vroni Moosjungfer Moosjungfer . But the title just fits! First, because the Moosjungferis a beautiful, dazzling, graceful animal. And secondly, because we actually did the shooting only about 100 meters away from the location of our first Vroni shooting. Even if you don’t really recognize it, the Sterntaler Filze in Nicklheim is simply too varied a place for that.

And if, as a photographer, you are lucky enough to get a model like Vroni in front of your lens, who floats through the flora in a fine dirndl as well as in breathtaking lingerie, then absolutely nothing stands in the way of a perfect traditional costume strip shoot…

This gallery includes 70 sexy dirndl photos!

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