Why does Trachtenstrip have its own currency, maybe you ask yourself? And why should I buy it when the internet is full of free pictures?

Well, we have tried a lot over the years, from paid memberships to subscriptions to donation systems. All unsatisfactory, for us as for you. But in order to continue our hobby and continue to be able to provide you with beautiful photos, we need your support . Because behind the Trachtenstrip there is no big corporation or agency, as for example behind all the porn sites on the Internet (with which we would rather not be compared ;-)).

No, we are a small team of photographers and models and we produce exclusively and exclusively for the Trachtenstrip! With a lot of passion and passion. And the coins help us to give you easy access to our work.
The coins are practical for us because we do not have to issue a separate invoice for every single gallery activation (after all, we are here in Germany, everything has to go exactly so that the tax office does not knock on the fingers). And it is also practical for you, because you do not have to carry out the whole brimborium with cumbersome payment processes every time (and consequently you do not have 20 debits from us on your account statement).

Attention : For technical and organizational reasons, we cannot refund purchased coins. Once purchased, you can no longer return or exchange them.