Trachtenstrip Allstars Super-Package

Trachtenstrip Allstars Super-Package

100,00 €

This is what awaits you:

  • The Allstars-Calendars #1 and #2 each with 24 beautiful, erotic motifs
  • Calendar on both sides, 2 motifs per month
  • Making-Of and Bonus page
  • strictly  limited
  • High-quality A3 calendars on extra strong paper with cardboard backing and cover sheet, the calendars are shrink-wrapped
  • 1500 (!) coins to spend on galleries right away!

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+ Trachtenstrip Allstars #1
+ Trachtenstrip Allstars #2
+ 1500 coins (Platinum-Package)

In this bundle you will receive the Trachtenstrip Allstars #1 calendar and the Trachtenstrip Allstars #2 calendar both sent free of charge
+ a PlatinumPackage with 1.500 coins!
You can use the coins immediately!

With this package you save €78.80!
(Single price Allstars #1: €39.90
Single price Allstars #2: €39.90
Single price Platinum Package: €99.00) .

THE sexy dirndl calendar for collectors and dirndl lovers!

It’s not that easy to pack the best of more than 15 years of traditional costumes into a sexy dirndl calendar! And that, although we even cheated and were able to choose 24 instead of only 12 motifs. So many shootings have good stories that we like to remember! This ranges from adventurous locations from which we were chased away by the police, to shootings with particularly nice models that we had in front of the lens over and over again, to (mournful) memories of travel and friendships, visits to the Oktoberfestand the Wiesn.

Englisch And yet in the end we made a decision and put together 24 unique, unforgettable motifs to present to you in this exclusive calendar!

The Allstars Sexy Dirndl Calendar comes with 24 motifs! These are compiled from the best of what we have produced in 18 years of Trachtenstrip (+ some previously unreleased recordings). In addition, this calendar does not have a fixed calendar, so you can always choose your favorite motif!

Erotic Dirndl photography

When we started creating a calendar on a regular basis back in 2004, none of us would have thought it possible that we would pull it off for so many years. And now the second Allstars calendar, i.e. the second Best-Of edition would be published! this is exactly what you are holding in your hands. Again we have selected a whopping 24 motifs (instead of just 12). 24 unique, unforgettable motifs, all of which are connected to good stories that we always look back on fondly! We take you on a journey through the history of the Trachtenstrip, tell stories in our pictures of beautiful girls in Trachten, photographed in adventurous and wondrous places throughout Bavaria. From the castle ruins to the Karwendel mountains, from the schnapps distillery to abandoned train stations, to the most beautiful rivers, lakes and waterfalls in the foothills of the Alps.

The Trachtenstrip Dirndl calendar Allstars #1 and #2 each contain:

  • 24 beautiful, erotic motifs
  • The best of 18 years of Trachtenstrip and sexy dirndl!
  • 2 Bonus Pages
  • High-quality A3 calendar on extra strong paper with backing board and cover sheet, the calendars are shrink-wrapped
An example for the Trachtenstrip Sexy Dirndl Calendar Allstars #1
Trachtenstrip Allstars Erotische Dirndl Kalender Preview 2
An example for the Trachtenstrip Sexy Dirndl Calendar Allstars #1
Trachtenstrip Allstars Erotische Dirndl Kalender Preview 2
This is what the Trachtenstrip Sexy Dirndl calendar could look like at home!