Welcome to the Trachtenstrip!

We have the largest collection of erotic dirndl and Bavarian German traditional costume photos! Whether in a sexy dirndl at the Oktoberfest or in erotic lingerie in nature: not Neuschwanstein, Munich or the Oktoberfest, but our beautiful girls are our real treasures! Do you have any questions? Contact us!

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Dirndl Workout
Bügel dein Dirndl gscheit auf!

Welcome to the Trachtenstrip!

We have the largest collection of erotic dirndl and Bavarian German traditional costume photos! Whether in a sexy dirndl at the Oktoberfest or in erotic lingerie in nature: not Neuschwanstein, Munich or the Oktoberfest, but our beautiful girls are our real treasures! Do you have any questions? Contact us!

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This week’s free galleries
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Dirndl Workout
Bügel dein Dirndl gscheit auf!

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Sensuality & eroticism

We have students, nude models, architects, barmaids, secretaries, flight attendants, trainers, teachers and, who knows, maybe your girlfriend too…?

Bayerns schönste Dirndl Erotik!

Immerse yourself with us in the world of dirndl eroticism and traditional costumes, in a world somewhere between Andreas Gabalier and Playboy, between the Oktoberfest in Munich and the white sausage party at the Stanglwirt.

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Why does Trachtenstrip have its own currency, maybe you ask yourself? And why should I buy it when the internet is full of free pictures?

Well, we have tried a lot over the years, from paid memberships to subscriptions to donation systems. All unsatisfactory, for us as for you. But in order to continue our hobby and continue to be able to provide you with beautiful photos, we need your support . Because behind the Trachtenstrip there is no big corporation or agency, as for example behind all the porn sites on the Internet (with which we would rather not be compared ;-)).

No, we are a small team of photographers and models and we produce exclusively and exclusively for the Trachtenstrip! With a lot of passion and passion. And the coins help us to give you easy access to our work.
The coins are practical for us because we do not have to issue a separate invoice for every single gallery activation (after all, we are here in Germany, everything has to go exactly so that the tax office does not knock on the fingers). And it is also practical for you, because you do not have to carry out the whole brimborium with cumbersome payment processes every time (and consequently you do not have 20 debits from us on your account statement).

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No, the Trachtenstrip is not evil.

There are always a few people who feel insecure when something new tries to break up or complement the traditional. Tradition is not set in stone. It lives and develops just like everything else. Whether or not it is liked by the preservers of customs. Gustav Mahler once said that tradition is the propagation of fire, not the worship of ashes.

That is the spirit of the Trachtenstrip.

And let’s be honest: we don’t shred baby chicks and we don’t dump toxic waste in swimming lakes. We do not denunciate and defame. All we do is to present a piece of clothing, that is deeply rooted in Bavarian tradition, in an erotic and sensual way.
This can actually not hurt anyone, unless you feel deep inside offended through eroticism or sex. But both of them are absolutely natural things that are still wrongly stigmatized by religion and old, power-hungry people in our society today.

Interestingly, in connection with the Trachtenstrip, it are actually always older people, often with felt hats, chamois beards and unhealthy red cheeks, who think that they have to live up to their narrow view of morality and then put them on everyone else. The same applies to religion. Let us not get it wrong, everyone is allowed to have an imaginary friend to whom they pray in silent. But religion is like a penis. It’s nice to have one, but you don’t show it around everywhere without being asked.

A dirndl is not a burqa. It was designed to highlight the charms of its wearer. Nobody can seriously deny that. And all WE are doing now is to spin the concept a little further, to use the freedom that a modern and enlightened society enables us to have and to show and create beautiful things.

Of course, we also accept limits. We would never photograph a girl in a real traditional Bavarian Schalk dress. On the one hand nobody wants to see that anyway, on the other hand we respect “correct” costumes. To which the dirndl does not really belong. It used to be the clothes of the poor workers. An everyday item of clothing. And if you look at old recordings from times long past, its wearers used to be nowhere near as prude as we would like to make us believe today from felted mountain costume conservation bastions. You can see rows of ultra-short skirts and smiling faces.
And that’s where we end today with the Trachtenstrip. We celebrate the erotic, the beauty, the exuberance and freedom in the traditional.

And thereby build an unabashed bridge into the here and now.



We are always looking for new faces!

BUT: to avoid disappointment, please look at the girls we usually photograph. Do you notice a certain scheme? Well.

In other words, please be realistic. We can not (and do not want to) photograph spry omis, guys and super-size models. At this point you may like to scold us superficially, but we like to remain loyal to our line.

So you are female, between 18 and 40 years old and wear maximum dress size 38 and have no problem with it, if a photo shows off a nipple (minimum requirement: your breasts may be recognizable through a transparent dirndl blouse)? What are you waiting for? ?

What we offer:

  • a professional, FREE photo shoot in a great location
  • a set of 10-20 edited photos that you can freely dispose of (so there are no limitations)
  • Possibly expenses contribution for directions, as well as drinks and food

What we expect:

  • Good mood
  • More good mood!
  • You should have a least one Dirndl!
  • You do not need to be a professional model, let alone have any shooting experience. It just counts that you are in a good mood. ?


The most beautiful


has to offer